Lookong to sell full rig of nearly 1pB UK

I have a full server rig of nearly 1pB, moving to Aus so wont be taking it with me.
A majority is built into one sever unit with 5no external drives also built in.
Most hdds are WD, they have not been run up for nearly a year and have been in dry storage.
If required i can provide all technical details but i would look to sell as a complete unit for £2500 ono.

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What does this mean? £2500 seems cheap for 1PB, so I"d like to know more details


Can you post some pictures and specs (number of drives, capacity, cpu, ram, etc) and where are you located?

Please post more details. Type of drives, quantity, other hardware.

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That’s £2.5/tb, if it seems too good to be true…

pls pm for details, thanks