Loss of Connection

I’m using linode to create my plots then scp them to my network.

Is there a way to use tail commands to look at current plot creation process once logged back into the server via ssh? I’m not too sure where the logs are kept for chia.


edit: I used ‘chia plots check’ and it seems the process stopped when I lost the ssh connection. is there a command that will have this process continue if ssh is lost?

Learn how to use one of these:

I started using screen since… but,

I was more of asking these questions for the answers. Not to just be told to use screen or tmux.

You can find many videos and text guides about how to use screen.

General answer is something along the lines:

  • connect to ssh
  • start screen session right away
  • for each task that you need to run continuously and ensure it doesn’t stop due to ssh disconnect, create a new screen window
  • when all the tasks are running, detach from the screen session. You can safely log out
  • when you come back, re-attach the screen to whichever window you are interested in

Note about tail -f: if you want to watch a log file continuously for long time, if it has a log rotation, it may lose the stream once file is renamed.

No, you need to start plotting process manually.