Lost mnemonic but have backup from .Chia directory and private key from flexfarmer

unluckily, i lost my keypass file (i know…) and also my mnemonic in it but i still have a actual backup of my .Chia directory (light wallet) as well as flexfarmer public key - is there any way to get access to this address agen (around 10 chia on it :frowning: )

Maybe someone else can help with recovering your wallet as I don’t know enough to comment.

I just wanted to mention that as your using flexfarmer you can just change the payout address in the config file and keep farming your plots so no need to replot everything.

Do you only have this single folder from this machine or do you also have the old os/filesystem of this system?

Chia does store the keys in the python keyring if it isn’t encrypted and in the folder “.chia_keyring” (or something similar) if you have choosen to encrypt your key, which should be the default since the light wallet was available.

Do you have a backup of the .chia_keys directory? No wallet keys are stored in the .chia directory. The public key will not help you recover the private key or mnemonics.

If you have the .chia_keys directory then you can recover the mnemonic, otherwise, it sounds like you have lost the keys and as such, the chia too.

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