Lost video signal

Hello guys,

It happened a couple of times so I decided to get help about losing my video signal to my monitor while the computer seemed to be still working. I had to reset the machine and obviously lost the plots that were being made. Any idea about this issue?
Settings was:
3 plotts runing parallel
15 minutes Delay
3906 MiB Ram (4 GB)
4 Threads on 24 Threads Cpu
128 Buckets

Thank you all in advance.

Are you sure the machine is stable? Run memtest, run prime95/mprime overnight.

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Thank you for the advice. I ran the tests and it came out just fine. But I think I figured the problem and it was just assigning too much of a Ram for a single plot. I took it back to the amount you adviced earlier (4GB), and now everything works like a charm.
Once again, I thank you for being so responsible and nice.

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