Lost XCH after offer exchange

Hello! I lost 0.66 XCH in Offer. The transaction is marked as done on DB and Dexie https://dexie.space/offers/8CKcMyDUYBes46wxn3ykVWwK1zRkLQedaTYgKTbziSdT and spacescan (mine is 2 CH21 for 0.66 XCH)

“This offer has completed successfully” but no Chia on the wallet. It was 2 days in “pending change”. After I click “Actions > Delete unconfirmed transactions” it was lost. How to back it now?

I have already removed wallet database and waiting for resync if it helps.

Might help. Curious if it worked!

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I can see the transaction here:

As far as I can see the XCH is now here:

It says status unspent, I never really understand what that means though. But someone here is bound to know.

Making blockchain explorers understandable for normal people would be great :sweat_smile:


I can recommend reading something about the UTXO model to understand how transactions work. Blockchain Fundamentals #2: What are UTXOs? | by Andrew | Byzantine | Medium

I cant see the word unpent, could just be me though.
I take it as a literal meaning, that the funds are unspent and still reside on that address.