Lots of 4tb SAS drives for sale

20usd each. Including old plots.

Drives are located at Santa Clara, CA.
Prefer local pickup. Or buyer pay the shippment.

PM me if anyone interested.

$5 a terabyte, that’s the deal of the year!! :tada: Gonna make someone’s day for sure!
Esp. if they have solar and a big rack to store them. Good luck :piñata:

How many? “Lots” don’t really tell me much.


About 300+
Also have about 100x 3TB sas without plots. 15usd/each

Would you be willing to trade for 8TB USB Seagate Expansions? I have 20 of them currently with k35s.

Sorry, I no longer do the farming, only want to sell them.

If you have 1u servers to exchange in the same area, I may consider that.