Lots of proofs but no chia

Bit worried about my set up - running the Chia harvester watcher - the top bar seems to indicate my times are good but it also says “proofs found 33”

I have however never received any XCH

Any ideas what is going on?


Those are the proofs for the pool to check your plots are online. I bet you are farming for a pool. :rofl:

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A small proportion of my farm is in a pool, yes - so you reckon nothing to worry about?

How do you know they refer to the pool & not my other solo plots?

If you mean about the plots made by 1.1.7 they are not portable but you can go on using them for solo. You can not assign them for a NFT. But you can delete the old ones and make new portable plots. Which pool do you use?

Thanks - I think I understand, currently with Pool.Garden - few blocks paid out so far!

If I could ask one more question re log files - there is frequent reference to “Not accepting inbound connection” & “Inbound limit reached” - do you know what that means? Is it a problem?

there is an old adage …“Chia grow not, if thy watched”… :laughing:

I asked the same question and they said that it is not a problem. Its a software bug. May be devs will correct the bug in the next version 1.2.1😬

Ah ok! :joy:

Assume it’s because of multiple peers connecting with 8444 open - so long as it isn’t a problem! thanks

been with Chia HarvesterWatcher for a month or more and nothing… then the following 2 weeks I got 3 blocks… See to believe… ahahah