Mad max does not use my cpu to the maximum same results as chia interface

Hello, I have a problem that is the following, when I create the plots either with chia or with the MAD MAX file / method the results are exactly the same, put the threads / ram configuration whatever, I have an I5-3470 4 cores 4 threads 3.20Ghz cpu, 16GB RAM DDR3 TeamGroup and 1TB SSD for space temporary, when I use the chia client the results I have had range from 20-24hrs to create 1-3 plots a day, likewise when I use mad max the results are the same and the cpu I do not see is always forced at a maximum of 55 ° and normally between 30 ° -45 ° and for my processor that is cold since normally when it is working at 80-100% it reaches 70 °, it is hot this in particular, I have seen in other videos that using the mad max just starts and the threads are at 90-100% and clearly increases a lot at temperatures. the problem that I see in general is that my cpu is never being used at all 100% fixed or at its maximum. Can someone help me fix this? with some configuration or tell me why this happens?

My experience of this is that it doesn’t get anywhere near max CPU unless both temp 1 and temp 2 drives can go really fast. I think disk performance is a big bottleneck. My old laptop writing to a usb spinning disk, the processor doesn’t go over 25%.

I don’t max my CPU with ramdrive (in windows) and a SAS drive as temp drives on one of my 16 core servers. I will switch to raid 0 striped SAS drives plus ramdrive to see if it goes faster on that machine, I’m at 13000 seconds/plot.

I’ve tried 64, 128, 256 and now 512 buckets which seems to help some people but doesn’t seem to do much for me.

Next step switch to Linux (I’ll try Ubuntu app in windows) as Windows ramdrive seems a bit less fast than decent nvme.

I am going to do a test by mounting chia again on my Original SSD and leaving the 1TB SSD that I am currently using as temporary for both system and temporary, is what I can think of for now to try to improve the bottleneck

What ssd make and Model do you use?

Hyundai | 960 GB SSD | SATA III, 3D NAND

Product Name 960GB Hyundai Internal SSD 2.5 inch SATA III TLC
Manufacturer Part Number C2S3T/960G
Product Type Solid State Drive
Wireless LAN No
Drive Interface SATA
Drive Interface Standard SATA/600
Drive Type Internal
Form Factor 2.5"
Storage Capacity 960 GB
Maximum Read Transfer Rate 550 MB/s
Maximum Write Transfer Rate 480 MB/s
Random 4KB Read 76000IOPS
Random 4KB Write 76000IOPS
Endurance (TBW) 320 TB
Height 0.3"
Platform Supported Mac

I think using this ssd will Never saturate your processor , if you want fast Plots you Need To Switch to at least one, better two nvme drives suitable for sustained workloads.

There are guys getting faster plots from NVME than ramdisk, though you are back to the issue of damaging nvmes/ssds to plot Chia. Ebay is full of (used to plot a shitload of Chia) NVMEs and SSD’s.

Guys, I think I already found the problem, install my other 240GB SSD for main and system etc … and leave the 980GB SSD only for Temporal and now with the MAD MAX if you are using me most of the time 100% of My CPU, (If it was making a bottleneck) even if it does not exceed 60 ° I think it is because I have good dissipation since it was my gamer PC, I am still in the testing phase I hope that if I can create the fastest plots.