Mad max in Ubuntu where to start?

Trying to switch my farm from windows bladebit to Ubuntu gigahorse. Fairly new to Ubuntu have 400tb in drives no jbods any good tutorials or places to start? I’ve read the GitHub page few times. Thanks for the help!

1.Go to Download Linux Mint 21.3 - Linux Mint*
2. Follow this: Linux Mint Installation Guide — Linux Mint Installation Guide documentation
3. After install, open the driver installer, install nvidia drivers
4. Download Gigahorse, right-click, open with archive manager, extract
5. Install Latest Chia version compatible with Gigahorse, add your keys and hdd** locations etc.
6. Close Chia, make sure all processes are stopped (or just restart computer)
7. Navigate to the folder Gigahorse is in, right click → open in terminal
8. Type: `./chia.bin start farmer
9. Wait a few minutes, then start the Chia app
(always start Gigahorse first, then Chia if you want to have the GUI)

*Why Mint…I use it lol, but it seems to also be be a linux version that is most familiar to a windows user.
It’s similar to Ubuntu, but looks a bit different.

**hdd management in Linux is a whole other tutorial, and imo the single biggest barrier for new ppl to use it.

In short, you need to add your drives to a file called fstab, located in /home/etc/
If you open a terminal window, type sudo nano /etc/fstab you get into a text editor where you can add the appropriate entries.
fstab “mounts” the drives to a folder at system startup.
You can also try and use the disk manager program from the start menu and set them to “mount at startup there”, but most people prefer to do it manually.

If you ask 10 ppl how best to mount hdd’s in Linux, you will get 10 different answers for sure.

Oh and the file explorer doesn’t show hidden fiels by default, so you have to checkthat box somewhere otherwise you won’t be able to find your .chia folder :sweat_smile:

have fun!

Edit: for plotting: steps 1-3, then download gigahorse plotter, open in terminal, and run from there.


Thank you very much! This was very helpful


I skim Digital Spaceport videos occasionally but some of them can be a bit long so I can’t recommend a particular must watch list. I do see some Gigahorse conent recently so there may be a few tidbits to glean.