Mad max temp drive compatibility

So if you can use dram as one of the temp drives than can you use intel 128gb persistent memory ram? If so that would be much cheaper than buying ram or an ssd.? This may be a dumb question but considering the mad max plotter is just now getting discussed I wanted to find out before they can all be bought and price gauged.

No Intel Optane memory offers no advantage here. It is more expensive than DDR4 memory per GB and isn’t as fast. That these are short lived temporary files says that Optane’s persistence capabilities bring no value here.
FYI, you have always been able to use RAM drives for the tmp locations. Previously it didn’t make a lot of sense to do so because processing performance (not storage access) was the bottleneck. Now that someone has written a fully threaded plotter that can take advantage of many cores, the performance bottle neck shifts to the speed of storage for the tmp files. Hence moving the tmp locations to a RAM disk is now a win.

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