Madmax errors need help!

i get an error in powershell saying “invalid poolkey: 00000000, ‘poolkey’ (needs to be 48bytes see ‘chia keys show’)”
./chia_plot.exe -n 100 -p PoolKey ********** -f FarmerKey ******** -t I:\ -2 I:\ -d J:\ -r 28 -u 256 -v 128 can anyone help me with this

If you want to make plots that work with pools you should not be using -p anymore.

This has been replaced by -c option where you can add the pool address from the nft .

so i delete poolkey and use -c? sorry im a noob on this sort of stuff

i replaced it and now i get this
Invalid contract (address): 0x, ‘Pool’ (bech32 string too short, see chia plotnft show)
i pretty much went to the pool and copied the contract address by clicking on the notepad symbol on chia

You need to create an nft in the pool section og the chia application first.
Then you hover your mouse over the questionmark next to the name and there it will show your pool contract address.

That is the one you use with -c

thats what i ended up doing. i already had the pool. i hovered over the question mark and then i hit the notepad to copy the address and pasted it on the ps1 file and i ended up getting the invalid contract address.