MadMax getting his hands on your money without your control

So, providing that extra info basically boils down to using a full-blown pool protocol, or that could be a proprietary GH data channel that would not affect centralization?

Assuming that the decision is to be made today, the hard fork will come say in May and will not work with the existing plots (so we all will need to replot to a new format by then). Or maybe some transitional period when both plot formats will be valid (to allow for smooth transition).

Although, it may require a consensus on the network, so any entity with potentially more than 50% netspace could block it (not sure about it).

A new version of Gigahorse???

It would be a proprietary GH data channel to a central server that I run.

No, we are just talking about something I will never implement :wink:

Thank you, I think that I understand now.

People, Citizens of ChiaStan!

Although I do not use the benefits of using Max or NoSSD software, I sometimes see some inconsistencies here.
It is worth remembering a few things:

  1. We voluntarily joined the game for XCH.
  2. We understand that the game relies heavily on statistical elements.
  3. Everyone freely chooses plotting and farming software.
  4. We cannot require DEVs to sit at monitors for weeks on end, correcting something that, in my opinion, will never be fair by nature (fairness in statistics is only based on “sufficiently” long periods of “trials” - in our case, time).
    The question is - what does “enough” mean for each of us?
    For someone it will be 3 years, for another person it will be half a year or less.
  5. Privately, I can sympathize with the “victims” (I had a 1090% unluck myself some time ago) - but remember that somewhere in the corners of the IP addresses in the mainnet there are also those who gave only 1/10 of the farmer’s rewards to the owner of the software…
  6. Assuming that the software uses the correct random code generation (and I assume it does) - … let’s let the statistics do the work.

But that’s just my 5 cents…

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On a formal matter…
And what does Badger Friend have against parsley…?

Cultivated plant. It is cultivated as a vegetable (both the root and green parts are eaten) and also for its oil used in medicine.
Culinary art. It is most often used as an ingredient in soups and is part of the so-called Italian. Parsley leaves contain a lot of provitamin A. The simultaneous presence of iron and vitamin C is also beneficial. It contains a lot of chlorophyll. Many mineral compounds are found in the roots, and even more in the seeds. Strongly scented parsley leaves are used to season many dishes, e.g. for fillings.

However, it also has a dark side…
I will mention that even poison can be made from it (inflorescence-seeds).
If large amounts are stored in tight basements, it may kill visitors to the basement (huge amounts of CO2, displacing O2 from the air).

Sorry for the little off-topic…

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