MadMax "input not sorted" error after updating to pooling version - RAM overclocking fix

When I updated my MadMax plotter version a couple days ago for plotting with pools, I started receiving an error at seemingly random phases and tables with the error usually being “input not sorted”. This was not happening with the previous non-pooling MadMax plotter version. I couldn’t find anyone with the same problem via Google and Chia Forum searches.

After lots of fooling around with my NVMEs and BIOS settings, I discovered that if I lowered my DRAM frequency, the plotter finished fine. I also ran a plots check against the new plots and they passed.

My previous DRAM frequency was set to XMP I 3600 – worked fine with the old plotter version. When I set my frequency to 3200, the new version started working. So if you get this “input not sorted” error, my tip is to look at your overclocking settings, specifically DRAM frequency.

May the odds be forever in your favor!

I’ve seen the same error a few times plotting the new plots with RAM OC to 3600. I was wondering about my RAM OC too, it saves a whole 2 min on the plot time so if this is the issue backing off a bit won’t have much impact. I’ll try this and hopefully this fixes my issue too.

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I’ve gotten failures occasionally after lowering to 3200 but not near as often. Maybe a couple times per week on that plotter. Maybe it’s still a RAM thing or some other OC. Not sure. But at least it’s working most of the time now. I might try reseating the RAM or trying other RAM sticks I have.