MadMAx k33, k34 now in the Chia v1.2.11!

I updated to 1.2.11 today and just finished a k33 in 76 min on a 5950x using default settings!

A couple weeks ago I read on the madMAx repo that it doesn’t support k33 and above…and then today I discover v1.2.11 can!

Run chia plotters madmax -h to see the options. It’s basically the same operation as using madmax natively (except I did notice I can’t use -n -1).

Read more: Alternative Plotters · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub


Wow, that’s big news! Finally we can make higher k count with madmax.

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Why did you write that it is big news? Is creating K-34 plots with MadMax more time-efficient than creating (approximately 4) K-32 plots. Or does K-34 have a higher compression ratio than K-32?

The goal is to keep both the CPU and Storage working during plotting so one is not idly waiting for the other.

K-33 and K-34 weren’t supported by Madmax before. I know plenty of people who want to start plotting on other sizes than K-32 and couldn’t because they were stuck with the official plotter (which is a lot slower).

There are multiple reasons to plots for more than K-32, the more useful reason to date is to combine plots of different sizes on a drive in order to minimize the unused space on the disk.


In my opinion, alternative coins such as Chives (K-29 plots) and Signum (which has a smaller plot granularity than a K-29 plot) are more suitable for the purpose of minimizing unused space on farming disks.

I plan to create my first K-33 plot today (to fill a new HDD drive) in order to determine whether it has some kind of advantage over K-32 plots on my plotting/farming machine. I am only interested in plotting time and in compression ratio differences.

EDIT: Btw, there’s also Storj (although it is in a slightly different category than Chia/Signum/etc).

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I wouldn’t farm anything else than chia unless you can merge-mine them with the same plots. Storj/sia/filecoin/swarm are a lot better in every way.

Higher K’s are slightly better for farming, but not enough to make any significant difference.

If you’re using madmax you’ll get better plotting time than the official legacy plotting software, especially with a RAM disk.

I would wait until the plot compression update is launch to replot, should come along soon.

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I don’t understand why you wouldn’t. Considering that XCC [currently] has approximately 2.5-times higher revenue per terabyte than XCH. Allocating more than 50% (of the HDD space dedicated to farming crypto-currencies) to XCH is highly sub-optimal, in my opinion.

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For the simple reason that it’s not a good investment of time and effort.

I don’t understand your style of thinking. After the initial setup (which, I agree, takes some hours/days) the plotting/farming machine(s) is “doing its thing” and I am “doing my thing” for months, whatever “the thing” is.

how profitable are those storj/sia/filecoin/swarm ?

There are a calculator for each one of those coins, you need to find it through google

Hi there,
Really interested in new K34 support in madmax.
As i am plotting now with a RAM disk, do i have to change anything ?
Will 1TB SSd be enough to plot k34 ?
I am with 3990. Can i expect some benefits in plot time needed?


Thanks guys for the mention about why it makes sense to create larger plots. To fill up the oddball space on a hard drive! Makes sense. I need to get off my fanny and start filling my drives…

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You will need also a lot more ram for k34 plots…
I’m not sure, but tmp1 needs to be at least 512 GB, which is a lot for a ramdisk.
And no, your 1 TB SSD will be not enough for tmp2: k sizes · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain Wiki · GitHub

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In no particular order : opportunity cost, winner takes all, cost per plot, value of my time

They are very profitable, but there is a lack of demand for those services so you can’t realistically fill drives with it. It also requires a good uptime (and bandwidth to some extent). You can expect to make about 10x what you make with Chia using the same amount of space.

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You can use this calculator (or any other) :

The output of “chia_plot_k34 --help” command is confusing because it hasn’t been updated to reflect the recent changes in MadMax. The printed numbers (e.g: ~110 GiB [RAM]) are only valid for K-32 plots, and are invalid for other sizes such as K-29 or K-34. In the case of K-29, the amount of RAM needed is about 24 GiB - from which it can be extrapolated that the amount of RAM needed in the case of K-34 might be somewhere near 290 GiB.

The interest in k>=33 is mostly for testing purposes. If you want to focus on profit, stick to k=32 (or buy XCH directly).

If you upgrade to Chia v1.2.11 it has madmax bundled with the download, and you can use it from the GUI. :smiley: Be sure it’s using most of your cores by changing the threads setting. It’s prudent to leave a few cores available if your Plotter is also your Farmer and Harvester.

One interesting test on a Raspberry Pi Harvester would be to compare the performance of a drive full of K=34 vs an identical drive full of K=32 plots. I would expect the K=34 drive to answer block challenges faster, since it has fewer plots to search.

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