Madmax on Windows - not recognizing my keys?

Hey all – I’m looking for some assistance getting Madmax going on Windows. I initially got this error late last night when setting up v0.0.5 and then this morning I saw v0.0.6 and got that downloaded and hoping for a fix, but I still get the same issue. When I run chia_plot in powershell, I get the following response:

Pool Public Key (48 bytes) needs to be specified via -p , see ‘chia keys show’

I totally have it in there…it is my 96 character pool key derived from the command prompt ‘keys show’.

Any thoughts on what issue I’m having?

Thanks for your time!

can you share the command you’re using in powershell? otherwise it’s a bit hard to tell if somethig is wrong

Voodoo - thanks for the quick assist and RFI; I did just get it to run using the following syntax, note that the [ ] are just to show where my keys are:

.\chia_plot.exe -p [PUBLIC POOL KEY (no quotes)] -f [PUBLIC FARMER KEY (no quotes)] -t D:\ -2 A:\ -r 32 -u 512 -d E:\ -n 1

An interesting follow on issue I am having is it seems to struggle with subfolders on the plot locations…it keeps saying I need an / or a \ which I had added but it still didn’t like…

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I ran into the same issues and I figure others will as well, so here’s what I discovered:

For some reason, MadMax (Fury Road fork, specifically) wants your keys to be listed as the first couple of parameters on the command line. Leaving them to the end causes it to tell you that you need to include your keys. In addition, it would appear that it does not like paths with spaces in them–even if you enclose those in single or double quotes. I assume this is a side effect of the original MadMax being made for Linux, not Windows.

yes had this problem as well. I switched over from Windows to Linux, but my harddrives where Windows names with spaces “farm 1” and that wouldn’t work in Madmax

Had this issue as well. I solved it by just mapping to the root of the Directory - i.e. G:/ instead of G:/chiafarm1

I don’t have these issues with the subfolders or keys for parameters. Cut my keys out but this is what I’m using in a batch file that i’m running under the CMD window (not a powershell window). I prefer using subfolders because using the root drive can cause permissions issues.

.\chia_plot.exe -t d:\nvme\ -2 r:\temp\ -d e:\wd12-a\ -r 10 -p b114 -f 814

It was the spaces in the filepaths throwing the error. You don’t have spaces

Add an extra \ (or /) at the end thus two.

-t D:\\YourFirstTempDir -2 A:\\YourSeccondTempDir -d E:\\YourDestinationDir