Madmax ploting OG plots only without pool public key possible?

Hello to all,

I am reading the forum since months now and finaly decided to signup for my first question.
I am ploting since june now and my farm is growing well actually I do have 1540 plots and I continue to expand day after day.

Actually I plot only OG plots and I dont want to plot NFT plots, but since some weeks now I think about to use madmax to create my plots.
And Madmax require to enter the pool public farmer key so if I do well understand the plots are build in NFT mode with madmax ?

Is it possible to create only OG plots with Madmax ?

Thank you

It supports both modes.

For og plot you need to specify farmer public key and pool public key (do not confuse it with official pool nfts - this existed before nft were ever released).

For nft pool plots, you specify farmer public key and pool contract address (that’s a property of your nft smart contract)

The OG plots require a pool public key (-p), the portable plots use a pool contract address (-c) instead.
So yes, you can create OG plots with the MadMax plotter.

Ok thank you very much this clarify a bit the situation.

Will give a try thx again :wink: