MadMax plotter running on macOS guide, plotting speed increase up to 10 times

Our team found out how to run madmax plotter on macOS. Here’s guide

Plotting speed can be incresed dramatically with this plotter. Up to 10x times. Current best time 24 minutes per k32 plot. (24 minutes with 128 GB RAW, but still)

Credit to GitHub - madMAx43v3r/chia-plotter of course

hello igor I have same issue everytime
/Users/cloust/chia-plotter/src/chia_plot.cpp:16:10: fatal error: ‘sodium.h’ file not found

#include <sodium.h>

I reinstalled libsodium and there is no any difference. I have same problem.
What should I do?

you should had your sodium installed.

sudo yum install cmake3 libsodium libsodium-static -y


sudo apt install -y libsodium-dev cmake g++ git

then try once more.

You’re using latest commit from madmax repo?
If yes, try to switch to this

This is fork (pull request from this repository was accepted by MadMax):

so replace your git clone line as follows:
git clone

This repository is a little behind the official one (by several commits), but from this commit everything is built on all our Macs.

Once we will figure out how to run it from last commit original madmax repo - we will update guide.

It that won’t help let me know.

Problem solved. I found the sodium.h file in contents of xcode app and copy paste it to /chia-plotter/src/chia_plot folder. I know its not makes sense but it worked.