MadMax Plotter Settings - Help


I’m having issue with MadMax Plotter. I currently don’t have 128GB RAM and probably that’s an issue, but could anyone help me make the settings right for my config.?

I run:

AMD Ryzen9 5900X
2TB Samsung 980 PRO
64GB RAM hyperxfurry 3200MHz

I was running MadMax with these settings: temp1 SSD, temp2 RAM, 128 buckets, 22 threads and it keeps failing after 1 min.

Anyone had similar issue?


Hey there, you can´t temp2 ram, if you don´t have 128gb. You have to put temp2 to ssd or delete it, so it will be same as temp1.

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I’m sure I saw on this forum people talking they use 32GB or 64GB of their RAM for temp2 and getting pretty good results.


No way, just possible with 128gb for ramdisk. But you can use madmax with only 16, 32 or 64gb ram.
Just make sure u get the temp2 on ssd, or don´t use temp2, it will use temp1 as 2.

I use:

Also use the -G switch so it alternates between the ssd’s.

Get 48+ plots/day on a 3900x with 32GB system ram.

Like said above, without 128GB ram, cant use ramdisk.

Without -G switch, you would get less plots per day?

Havent really tried all that much, seemed to make sense.

Feel free to try it out :wink:


Also, is there a big difference in 3200MHz and 3600 MHz when plotting with RAMdisk at madmax plotter?

Not sure, you can check the big topic with all the madmax discussion. It also depends if the system is fast enough to use the extra speed

I’m using ddr3 1600 for temp2, nvme as temp1. that gives me 1675sec plots with 2x E5-2680v2

Other system with 3900x uses nvme’s as temp 1&2, around 1800sec plots

Those are some great numbers! How many cores/threads do you set for your 20 core system and are you using 256 buckets?

you need minimum 110gb ram
and it uses every drop.
as temp 2
with mad max
save 8 gigs for the os
and run 512 buckets
in my experience
I use a 500gb nvme as temp 1

/chia_plot -n -1 -r 20 -u 512 -t /chia/speed/ -2 /mnt/ram/ -d /chia/plotsjbod/random13/ -p b75b780ad -f ~~~~~

45 min plot times

If you use RAMdisk as a temp2, you should get better plot time. I get 47 mins plot time with just SSD.

I need help. My laptop can make a plot in 2 hrs. Just got a hp workstation z820. Dual xenon processors 2.8 ghz
64 ram
3 -2 tb hds raid
My issue is it takes 10 hrs with even 24 threads to make a plot with madmax. i can make a plot with chia in 8 hours…
Im using 2 drives and final plot to the 3rd. Wtf am i doing wrong with this…

Using two hdd’s as both temp1 and 2 is never going to get good results. That said, 10 hours seems a bit much :sweat_smile:

To make use of a dual xeon system you need either nvme’s with good sustained write speed, or ramdisk.

But without any further information on what you are doing or how, I dunno power cable plugged in?

are u setting threads multiplier to 20?? u have a serious bottleneck somewhere.
u should check the speeds of each phase… see if a particular phase is slower…
I have a xeon machine that uses temp1 and temp 2 as the same direcory ~ nvme Samsung 980 pro nvme pcie 1 tb
final dir 3 in this machine is a slow hdd.
at longest I get hour 30min plot times if my configs not straight…
try setting buckets to 256… maybe. worth a shot. anything u change should be an improvement.
you running thing els on this machine??
did u comb thru every setting in your bios to make optimal?
I run my plotter inside of a container on proxmox. highly recommend if u have the cores.
hope this helps

is that so? how old is your machine? mine doesnt like my 16x nvme pcie gen 2 very much. but its consistently faster than hdd. still only a quarter the speeds of using ram tho. ram = lightning on old servers. screw a nvme.
I tried 3 nvme raid 0. each with its own pci slot. still cant out preform ram. and no real benefit doing so.

i cant keep my nvmes powered. Ive checked eveey power oprion i can find and they keep shutting off after the 1st line of phase 1. when i look into it it keeps saying the usb port is offline because of a malfunction…

thats strange…
assuming your stock USB ports are all 2.0…
could be an adapter problem. Both ur pci nvme adapter, and or your usb pci adapter.
I did try plotting to 1 tb nvme ssd m.2 with 3.1 adapter with lighting cable and had okayish result.
cant recommend it tho.
u tried other pci slots?
did u try playing with irq assignment in bios?
also disabling if u can whats not necessary, may help.
I disabled 2/4 of my 1gb nics.
and all my 16x 2.0 ports. unfortunately they are useless this day and age.
so the controller doesn’t expect them to fight for who’s more important. if ya know what im sayin.
im seriously, no expert tho.
dont take my word for it. deep dive into irqs yourself lol.
really depends on the age of the system and the exact hardware configuration… how well each device play together. not something u can really search before buying. is different for every device and goes for built in hardware too.
sometimes video and ethernet can share a irq. sometimes they cant. sometimes they are fused…
sometimes nvme {or adapter} slot refuses to play nice with ur front usbs irq assignment. but works fine with the rear. and must be set to different irqs in order for either device to work properly,
cant tell you if it made a difference or not. I like to think I tuned the hell outa mine. 100 10 minute reboots later…
if u screw up thies setting. it can lead to serious problems. seriously look into it before playing.
just things iv tried on my own over time.

hello dear friends,

my plotting time is about 60m with 3950x, 32gb 3000mhz one slot ram, 2x 512gb 980pro nvme

and my setting on madmax is
-n 45 -r 20 -u 512 -t E:\plot1\ -2 D:\plot1\ -d F:\farming9\

Can u suggest me anything to make it faster? Thanks.

-r 32
you have the threads, why not use them?

Other thing might be to mount nvme drives with trim or discard enabled (on linux)

but one slot 32gb 3000 might be your bottleneck though, not sure though