Madmax plotter stotiks ahead of madmax?

So this has been released:

Now we can add a separate “pool contract address” using -c argument.
I thought the pool public key and this were the same thing?

I found 0.0.7 slower than 0.0.6 next to see if 0.1.1 is faster.

I found that the windows version is way slower than the original MadMax. I run MadMax on windows in Ubuntu WSL and it is way faster than Stotiks directly on Windows. I tested this on 3 separate systems and got the same result.

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I’ve tried stotiks on windows and its slow but not silly slow about 5000 seconds for me (no NVMEs using ramdrive+raid0SAS). Running MM in Ubuntu within windows is slower for me 11000 seconds. Running MM on Ubuntu baremetal is around 2400 seconds. So I have one machine plotting in windows with 2 processes in parallel and another running Ubuntu - no NVMEs used. Copying via network is more of a bottleneck than plotting speed with two plotters running.

Would you care to share some hints or configuration settings about WSL?
WSL 1 or WSL 2?
How do you handle mounting SSDs? Are they initialized in Windows at all?
How do you handle RAM disk?

Honestly, I have no idea what WSL. I just got Ubuntu from the Microsoft store.

Ubuntu can be installed from the Microsoft Store:

1. Use the Start menu to launch the Microsoft Store application or click [here](
2. Search for *Ubuntu* and select the first result, ‘Ubuntu’, published by Canonical Group Limited.
3. Click on the *Install* button.

As for mounting the SSD’s, all drives that are visible in windows are automatically mounted in Ubuntu when you open it. Part of the installation. And RAMDisk, I gave up on it. I couldn’t find any configuration that was faster than the NVME’s. But that is probably because the system I was trying on is quite old and the memory is not that fast.

I installed WSL today. Tested both WSL v1 and v2. The WSL v1 is better for plotting use case, as it has better file system integration.

Getting about 15% overall better plotting speed comparing to Windows native. CPU utilization is observably better during phase 1.

EDIT: also noticed that memory consumption spikes higher with Linux than Windows process. I think it has to do with the fact that Linux does not have memory compression by default - which can explain why it works faster (as the compression costs performance).

I converted my ubuntu to windows and got wsl2 running.

Ubuntu I would do about 3000 sec
Windows wsl im way over that

Change to WSL 1. Disk mounts will work at native speed