Madmax Plotter - TBW?

Currently using the Mad Max plotter & working really well

I am using two M.2 NVME drives ( [WD Blue SN550 1TB] that I am using for Temp 1 & Temp 2

However, using Crystal Disc, one is on 73% health, the other on 99%

My question is which I should use for temp 1 & which for temp 2 (I think temp 2 is 75% of writes??). I’m keen not to kill either drive.

Also, is there any benefit of using a M.2. for temp2 over standard SSD for temp2?

correct. you can use the -G switch to alternate between drives so it becomes 50/50

Only that M.2 is 10 times faster

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thanks - so I should use my “healthier” M.2. for temp 2 as most of the writes happen there?