Madmax - plotting on temp1 =250gb and temp2 =512gb s980 pro

Hi guys,

This is my first post. wondering if it could it be posible to plot with this combination = samsung 980 pro 250gb for temp1 and samsung 980 pro 500gb for temp 2 ?

current setup is a: R9 3950x 128 ram 3600mhz, temp 1 = samsung evo plus 500gb and 2 tb inland premium ( real nice drive by the way)
. 32~ min plots all day long and its been running for the past 4 days straight on 24 cores.

Thinking of doing another rig to fill the drives up quicker. would this combo work? 2 small capacity evo pro 980 s?

Thank you,


yes that combo will work fine.
but, temp 1 needs the most space, so better use the 500gb drive as temp1.

Also, with 128gb ram, you can use a 110gb ramdisk as temp2, then you only need one ssd and have much less wear on the ssd.


Thank you for the reply.