Madmax suddenly exits in the middle


just trying to do some plotting as usual but my madmax plotter just quits in the middle without any message.

Working Directory:   c:\tmp\
Working Directory 2: c:\tmp1\
Plot Name: plot-k32-2021-10-20-02-13-ad9f39cac7c7aafdbd1f5398d09f06835d539bcd0d8b393d76c21ccc74b41cb8
[P1] Table 1 took 38.843 sec

and boom i see it’s done

Hello, I just started running Madmax and tried to makes some plots and it just dies in the middle when I try to set the number of plots to two just to test. The I’m trying Plot Manager and it made a plot when wehn you set it for 2 it dies also…

For both of you, are you sure didn’t run out of space? That’s the first thing that comes to mind.

I had a quick search for you.
Found this.

So possibly -w would help, certainly worth a shot.

This is not the same issue.

For me plotting was stopping in the middle of making ONE plot, most offtenly just after first step of the first phase.

As figured it somehow has related to XMP enabled. Once it’s off things get to normal.

I had these kinds of issues before, in my case it was faulty memory.

Memory doesn’t have to be faulty; it might just overheat, especially if using XMP profile. Go in BIOS and lower memory frequency by 100MHz. It did the trick at my place.

The other possibility is that SSD overheats, but seeing symptoms, it’s likely memory.