MadMax, Ubuntu and Synology NAS network drives?

Anyone having trouble getting madmaxx to write directly to their NAS? I have a Synology NAS and am running the latest version of madmaxx on ubuntu and cant seem to get it to work. I mount the drive, copy the directory as listed and madmaxx rejects it.

Any thoughts?

I do that in my Mac. I use madmax and gave the network mount of NAS as final dir.
It works absolutely fine. I use mbp2019 + Synology 920+

Hmmmm. I must be entering the final write directory in wrong then or else it is a ubuntu thing.

I have a Windows setup with a Synology NAS. I started using MadMax yesterday and it all works fine. The format for my final drive is \Synology-1821\chiaplot\Plot1
The final \ seems important.
The speed improvement over the Chia GUI is incredible. I plot entirely in RAM with the final copy to the NAS over a 10Gbe link. With the GUI my single plot times were about 5 hours. With MadMax I am getting single plots in about 45 minutes.

You mean \\Synology-1821\chiaplot\Plot1\ for sure…

In Ubuntu you have mounted a network share or disk on any subpath of / and your path has to be for example /mnt/synology/. Don’t forget the final / and never use backslash \ for paths on linux!

Yes, a slip of the fingers. Correct \

Done it again, two back slashes at the start. I can’t type that for some reason.

I’m unable to get my final directory to work onto the NAS. It’s mounted as: X:\PoolChia - I’ve tried it “X:\PoolChia” and by the shared folder name as “\CHIA\PoolChia” - can anyone help? On windows 10.

disregard. PS wanted “\\ip-address\share-name\foldername\”