Madmax Ubuntu can’t create files on directory

I installed Ubuntu on my Plotting pc and now it tells me that MadMax Script can’t write to the directory (temp and destination).
Maybe there is a missing permission?
But where and how can I fix this problem…?
Maybe someone can help me I’m really desperate I already searched on google but can’t find the answer :frowning:

ls -l /mnt
Will show you the permissions and owner of /mnt/sda.

If the owner is root you can change it with:
sudo chown -R whoever /mnt/sda
-R means recursive. Change whoever to your login name.

Is /sda/ really the folder path?

sda is usually a disk name, not a always the folder name as well

It says overall: 0

No sda is the name of the harddrive…
I have no folder created on the harddrive…

mkdir /mnt/disk1 && sudo mount /dev/sda /mnt/disk1

sudo apt install -y acl

sudo setfacl -Rm u:‘username’:7 /mnt/disk1 && sudo setfacl -Rdm u:‘username’:7 /mnt/disk1

disk1 can be renamed to anything you’d like.

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this would work for you

sudo nautilis <<< opens the file explorer with root priviledges

in file explorer go to “Computer” >>> mnt-folder. rigth click and then Properties.

in “permission” tab change every permission to create, read, write for all 3 users: root, owner, everybody.

in Disks (gnome-disks) you have to mount the disk (= sda).

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The best way to use any drive in Ubuntu without any hassle with permission is to mount it under your username.

Please don’t mount your drive directly under /mnt as it belongs to the system and will require root permission. You can create a mount point for your drive under your username instead. For example, /media/your_username/drive1.

You can use the Disk app to create a mount point to your drive (if the system hasn’t created it for you yet). See the mount options in the app for more info:


Thanks to everyone who helped me.
I found the issue.
My drive wasn’t mounted properly that’s why it didn’t work :slight_smile: