Madmax with 16Gb of RAM?

Hi everyone. In my quest to build the most efficient plotting speed per dollar machine, I was wondering if anyone here managed to plot with madmax on 16 Gb of RAM only. And if so, what were your settings, especially bucket sizes. I am especially interested in cases run on a headless linux machine to reduce OS RAM usage as much as possible.

In my current 32GB RAM system, I see total RAM usage peaking at 18 GB. I am only running madmax with default params and 24 threads, hpool client and chaingreen and flax farmers.

I found no way to use the remaining RAM to speed up madmax.
I use Primo Cache to use the rest of the memory as write-only-cache for SSD tempdrive 2.

Seems to reduce at least the wear a bit

Hey there, i´m using madmax with 16GB, buckets 256 and all fine. 128 it will kill the plotting at p1 oder p3.
Nothing else than plotting on this machine.