Major Exchanges or Death


Unless Chia is listed on all major echanges its days are numbered…

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Can you please expound upon your theory.

The point is that they don’t need the exchanges…


I’m thinking about the pop when it hits the exchanges…we might even hit $100!!



In wallet trading when the clearing house takes a week is not an acceptable alternative to many.

I see the Chia blockchain as an upcoming great success, but the coin has no value and no reason to exist other than baiting farmers into building the network itself

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It’s probably hard for Chia to get on major exchanges with a 21,000,000 XCH pre-farm in their pockets.

Lots of other coins had pre-mines too. Ethereum, Ripple, Cardano, Stellar etc were all pre-mined.
e.g. Ethereum was 100% pre-mined. They then sold about ~80% of the pre-mine to the public (and to themselves, with no known upper-bound on percentage of the self-sales) and pocketed the proceeds. After that they issued additional coins via mining to the public and diluted their positions but later substantially cut the supply of mining off when the price kept falling.


While you might be right. I do belive the coins will have a great value with time as green coins develop and become a more rounded and accepted bloccahin.

Actually to be on an exchange the minimum of number of initial coin owners is quite large[ I understand over 5mm] and that is a big reason exchanges are not jumping on board yet.

This is meaningless and a low effort post.

Read the Chia Whitepaper:

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You’re suggesting Chia must be a casino to survive

I was just trying to learn from others…

Doesn’t seem like it when you make a pronouncement like that.

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I was able to deposit directly to stably, after a long pending period I was able to get usds stablecoins and transfer them to my wallet, then someone took my offers for xch and I have xch.
I did the same thing buying tethers from coinbase, waiting fewer days for withdrawls to be enabled, transferred to amd bought xch.
Both are working pretty well and there is a robust CAT token ecosystem to play with.
Both work pretty well. Maybe not exciting enough for you, but works fine.

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