Make chiadog write notifications to a file?

I want to use chiadog, but I do not want to actually receive notifications. Instead I just want all the notifications to be written to a log file that I can check when I feel like it.

I know that this means I need to use the script option to redirect the output to a script that I write. My problem is not knowing enough about powerscript to create that script. I have been trying to create something using out-file -append like this, but it does not appear to be seeing the stdin (or whatever) output from chiadog.

Has anyone set something like this up on windows?

You need to leave the powershell screen running with Chiadog in it. It will write all the notifications to the screen. So you can just check the powershell screen for any alerts. If you are wanting the daily summary notifications, that is a different story. Not sure how to get those without having them sent to email (or one of the other options).

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Ah! I did not know that it wrote things out to the window! That will work for what I care about!


Looks like I have some other problem now. Something is not configured correctly and I did not realize it.

When I run chiadog it very quickly pops up a window that says something about a missing file or directory then the window closes. I think I have my config set up correctly for windows, but assume I screwed up something - tried slashes both directions in the path, not sure what else it could be🙄