Managing plotting process

Hellooo everyone,

After seeing some videos about this new crypto I started to create my own machine to mine Chia Network. So this is my first configuration:
Motherboard : x99 bi processor
2 x Xeon E5 - 2697 V3 : 56 total threads
128 Go RAZM in DDR4 ECC
Temp files : 1 x Sabrent SSD Interne Rocket Q M.2 2280 NVMe 3200 Mbps
Plot files : 1 x 6 TB HDD

My goal is to do 28 plot in parallel, but in this moment i am limited by the temp SSD. So i decided to start 7 plot in parallel on my 2 To Nvme (1810 / 250 = 7.2). Could someone tell me if my reasoning is good according to my system?

My next step is to by 4 Dell 1.8 TO SAS 10 k and make a RAID for temporary files. I choose this option because one of my Nvme slot of x99 it can not be detected.

Thanks a lot for sharing with me yours opinions and if you have some tips of how monitoring the plotting processes or tools that I should use to improve my system, I would be glad to read it.

Be careful, I am not sure the Rocket Q is good at sustained read/write which is what you need for Chia plotting.

hey,guy,How many plot do you have a day?