Marketers and Business People - How we can help!

Dear Chia Community and Enthusiasts,

First of all, thank you.

I’m reluctant (much like anyone) to indulge the masses in another interpretation (‘guesstimation’) on technical price data, especially before mass market adaptation provides us with a more accurate base equilibrium for XCH$.

However, I can’t help but agree with @Lsherring: I think this price level looks attractive… (Not financial advice)

In a few weeks/months I’ll write an article and post a side-by-side analysis with BTC and the TMC during different cycles. It’s not the technicals - (although there’s a significant deviation away from BTC volatility) - it’s the developments - the Devs and all their hard-work!

  • Github repositories are constantly being updated, as are GUI releases for Win/Mac systems.
  • Pooling is taking off as quickly as NetSpace is growing.
  • Training for Chialisp is attracting attention, competitions with very attractive prizes.

These guys are working really hard!

Node operators, miners (sorry, farmers :wink:), pool players… etc… Think about the amount of time and capital (both intellectual and financial) they’ve invested. And these people (for the most part) aren’t investment experts - they’re just as dedicated as their servers!

I think people like us (the marketers and chart readers) can help out the most not by price speculation, but rather investing our resources to help develop the future of decentralised computing.

I see in 5 years time this forum being like was in 2014. Tonnes of outdated speculation! I remember one user getting ‘flamed’ for predicting that the price of BTC would hit 1kUSD!

It’s early and these guys have so much work to do… We should feel guilty for not doing enough.

Someone needs to put us to work… Away from the candlesticks!


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Well said, well said. :slight_smile: