MASSnet chia fork

Has anyone been tracking MASS and their incorporation of chia plots.

Seems like it may be a scam - you need to bind mass to your chia plots in order to use them. This seems to drive the price up.

The other thing is that no one can get it working, dv team has gone quiet on telegram. What is even more suspicious is that the netspace is increasing which suggests a premine by the team.

Maybe a dump when they have accumulated and let others farm?

Seems like paying to bind storage has been part of Mass for a while. If that helps to prop up the token price, it might actually be a good thing. The docs are all for crap, but I do have a wallet and a miner syncing now. Just have to figure out how to get mass into my wallet in the first place.

since MASS does already have a price on exchanges, in contrast to all chia fork scams, and since throught the fork OG plots are mineable, MASS seems to be worth a closer look imho. what worries me are the initial costs… thats why i thought its a scam as well. i am nevertheless considering to give it a try, but also would like some more experience reports from others. yes, netspace is rising fast… when i looked last week, 30TiB would have gained me 2500/month bucks, now its “only” 1050/month. given costs of 340 $ it would still be worth it… but how can you trust them?

interesting. may i ask how did you edit config file to make wallet and miner work? this lack of information from devs is pathetic…

Agreed, very skeptical of the initial costs. I have quiet a nice earning opportunity of 7500 odd a month (initial costs of 2400).

I just wish the devs hadn’t gone silent whilst netspace increases and no one can seem to get set up correctly.

Also interested if above user actually syncs and gets farming.

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I’ll perhaps just bind some of my chia with an amount I’m ok with losing to test it

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