Max Disk size in old JBODs

Hi All,

I am interested in buying some of the older model JBODs out there which are going cheap. I have 2.5 inch SAS drives and HBAs etc. However when I read the specs on some of the older cheaper JBODs it says max capacity of 30 TB. I wonder if this is a limit based on actual max disk size at the time the units were released or a hardware limit.

Would be interested to know if anybody has used an old JBOD like the HP D2700 SFF with larger disk sizes


Iā€™m using Netapp DS4243 with 14TB and 16TB Exos Drives as the largest in there, no problem. And i think on Reddit i read of someone who uses the 2.5" Netapp DS2246 with 25 * 5TB Seagates


The biggest issue with old JBODs you will encounter is the 2TB per drive limit. This is a limitation of the SAS protocol that got upgraded with SAS-2. Needless to say, SAS-2, SAS-3 and newer will support all the new hard drives.