Maxiopool 1 PiB Milestone and First Block Found!

Just wanted to share some good news!

First block found today. All pool members are enjoying the extra profit from the block!

Maxiopool has also just completed the second round of payout. Three farmers got paid, two of which received their payment for the first-time! Payment notifications and lots other good stuff are on the way!

Last good news is our pool has reached 1 PiB at 10 AM AEST today. Not large by today’s pool’s sizes, but we celebrate each and every small achievement along the way. Thank you all for being part of the pool.

Maxiopool is built rock solid, horizontal scalable. Two days left to qualify for the launch week bonus of lifetime fee reduction!

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WOOHOOO!! I see it made a huge increase in rewards. Love seeing pooling working.

I’m making almost as much on maxiopool from 4.5TB as I am on Hpool with 22TB. :smiley:

2.4TB/day plotting going towards maxiopool. We’ll see what 50TB brings in a few weeks.

HPool is where there is only one place to eat in the entire town, you sit and eat without looking at the price on the menu.
Now more places to go, you feel the HPool’s 25% "hidden fees on top of 1% handling fee.

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I joined a few minutes ago, thanks.



I did some quick napkin math and I’m very happy splitting 2 blocks in 24hrs between 1.3PB on maxiopool vs 16 blocks split between 111.8PB of a larger pool. Very happy with maxiopool returns. :+1:

The vs 16 blocks split between 111.8PB feels tiny, I’m there. Reaching minimum pay 0.01 within 6 days? To be noted that I’m at the beginning of replotting though.

Too early to tell yet. Here is a 16 blocks split between 111 PB earnings looks like (for science, maybe?)

The partial system definitely means fluctuating space estimate, but I think it averages out pretty well. I’m definitely happy with my payouts so far. I just passed the minimum today right after the payout time.

I’ve got my first payout 0.026209 XCH for ~16TB replotted.

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