Maxiopool FPPS payout scheme is now Live

FPPS is now Live

Maxio pool members are now getting the best and most consistent payout comparing to any other pools out there. We are seeing many new faces in the pool since our announcement on Tuesday. Warm welcome to those new pool members. We believe at Maxiopool we can bring diversity to Chia farming with our unique system. 3 Months No Fee offer is still on the table only available for a limited time.

  • Today’s FPPS daily rate is at… 0.000239 XCH for every TiB of plots.
  • About 15% higher payout than before
  • Pool members are NOT competing other pool members to get this rate.
  • The payout rate now only changes if Global Network Space changes

Dashboard update

  • Added dark mode & light mode
  • Removed most mXCH references and replaced with XCH
  • Updated Network Space chart, easier to observe global network growth

Pool URL (Enter this when creating PlotNFT)

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Very nice. I’m all about this pooling payment method. For anyone that hasn’t changed pools it is very easy. Simply select change pool on the current nft you have for your pooling plots and enter the pools url. it should auto fill the information before you can confirm the change. it will take a little time to change pools during which you don’t want to close down chia or disconnect.

It would be nice if it was spelled out on the webpage that the guaranteed payment is directly linked to current netspace and will change as netspace does. How often it’s checked and updated would be good to have posted as well. These are things farmers need to understand when using this payment system.

I’m a curious how maxiopool is establishing XCH/TB and if it’s somehow different than chiaexplorer? Farmers should be able to verify xch/tb themselves. minus farmer block reward (xch/tb divided by 8). from .278 mXHC -.03475 mXCH = .24325 mXCH. Pretty close to the .239mXHC/TB currently listed on maxiopools front page.

I’m mining in your pool, but I don’t understand, how you can offer a fixed rewards if no block is found?

I like that mxhc it is gone.

yep, we listen to feedbacks :slight_smile:

We pay farmers up-front with the expected block reward and hoping to recovery the cost from farmed blocks later. Pool takes all the risks here and give farmer consistent payout. FPPS is the best pay scheme from farmers perspective.

thanks for the feedback, will consider putting together a page for that.

We also look at the points given to farmers, growth of the network etc. but all of these are just minor adjustments comparing to the current global network space.


I’m trying to wrap my head around this payment scheme. If you pay 0.000239 per every TiB, it gets to means someone with 99 TiB (1000 plots ~ 99.02 TiB) would get 99 x 0.000239 x 30 = 0.7099734 CXH per month.

Using Chia calculator, 1000 plots gives you 0.8357 / month. Where is the difference?

Also, how is the fee being calculated? If I’m in any group other than “Passionate”, I’m paying 0.5%. Does this mean I’m not getting 0.000239 XCH per TiB, but instead 0.000239 x 0.995 = 0.000237805 XCH per TiB?

OK, I see @GIGATOR also asked this … Apologies for this, but it seems like it’t not really answered.

Thanks for explaining!

Calculators assume 2 XCH block reward, but official protocol pools only get to distribute 1.75 xch

0.8357 xch * (1.75 / 2)= 0.7312375 xch

Also this is a theoretical value, both global netspace and your farm size are only estimated values from pools perspective.

You get three months free before we revert it back to 2 weeks free. Your calculation is correct on fees.


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OK, that was fairly stupid of me to forget. Thanks for extraprompt answer.

I’m still a passionate farmer, but would love to pay fees :slight_smile:

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You’ll get to pay fees after 3 months :smiley: we may enable ranking sooner than that while still honoring the no fee period. Currently it is tied to the fee structure so it is disabled for the time being.

Another question: how is netspace calculated? I’m (slowly) plotting on my machine, with 3 parallel plots delivering 3 plots every 4 hours. At the moment, I have 45 pool plots, all plotted to same plotNFT, which is joined to Maxiopool.
This should be almost 4.5 TiB, but on Maxiopool web page I see that my Current netspace is 3.5 TiB. I also see that my Netspace and Avg. 24hr netspace do some weird twists - at the moment, my netspace is actually lower than my avg netspace, which does not make sense (without more details on formulas used).

Hey, Where do you take suggestions?

I noticed this also, But after time it catches up. Took about 24hrs… Maybe a little more.

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Pool does not get to see your number of plots. So the netspace can only be estimated based on points received in a 24 hour time period. If you keep on plotting, the “points per hour” is increasing causing the estimate to lag behind. Only time the estimate is accurate is when you stay on the same number of plots over a 24 hours period, then the 24 hours avg line will come pretty close to your actual farm size.

We use points for reward calculation, the netspace is just for display purpose.

Hope this makes sense.


Your dashboard is getting better every day :slight_smile:

Maxiopool Dashboard Update - 28 Jul 2021

  • Added Harvester offline indicator
  • Harvesters now drop off from the list after 7 days of being inactive
  • Added minimum payout progress bar
  • Improved date/time display

I have 12 harvesters at the moment. Where can I find the harvester ID’s so I know witch one is offline.

Go to your “Farm” tab => Expand “Show Advanced Options” near the bottom of that tab

One thing I’m missing in your pool it’s the price in USD$ in the farmer tab. For example, on foxy pool I could easily check my daily or acumulated rewards in $. It will be a great feature in my opinion. Thanks.

Thanks @aitor It’s been suggested a few times, we will include it in the next update :slight_smile:

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How long does it take to transfer to Maxiopool. I have got about 2400 plots and I started the transfer and it is saying pending for the last about 30 minutes.

Hi @hawamahal, welcome to the pool! It takes about 100 blocks time which equals to 30 mins, so it should finish any moment now.