MaxioPool - World’s first PPS Chia Farming Pool has Launched

After weeks of hard work, we have finally launched on mainnet.

0% fee for small farmers forever. Join us before 13th July and farm for 7 days to get lifetime 0.1 bonus.
Get rewarded on EVERY point submitted and see your profit grow REAL-TIME!

To join our pool today, follow these instructions Chia farming pool created by Chia farmers - Maxiopool
Any questions? head over to our discord server and ask

See you soon in the pool!



Could use some clarity, .1 of what?

Hi Bones,

.1 off in fees, small farmers enjoy 0% lifetime free. Everyone else 0.5% but if you join early, you get bonus -0.1 off the total fee and that bonus always follow your PlotNFT.

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One request, please.
Change the word god to something else. It’s not a popular word in today’s world.
Many thanks :slight_smile:


Make it feel more like a gaming community lol

Maybe the whole phase sound better “GOD FARMER” ummmmmmm…

Oh No!

How about not using that word at all? :slight_smile:

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We will discuss about it here, thanks for your suggestion.

Do you have any recommendation?

Leader, Master, Boss, Governor, Honcho, Ruler, Big Chief…

Good list you’ve got there, thanks! Personally I like “Master” better, but will also listen to other opinions :slight_smile:

how do we find ourselves? just search through the list in the farmers tab? will there be a search feature?

The GUI shows your launcher ID. Simply pop that into the search box on our landing page. Then I will probably bookmark the URL of the farmer page everywhere on my pc, mobile etc…

oh im a dummy i didnt see the search box on the homepage. might be worth putting it on the farmer tab as well. thank you for the quick reply!

how fast is your shovel compared to madmax. any benchmarks?

Try ‘Monty’

You’re welcome

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Auto stagger feature enabled = 20% increase
Having number of output drivers close matching your number of jobs = another 10-15% increase

Internally it uses the official plotter we compiled, so that it does not depend on CHIA installation on your PC. When you upgrade your Chia client, the plotting processes do not have to be stopped.

There is a bug in processing the keys, contract address, so its been taken offline for now. We will update with v1.2.1 - likely tomorrow.

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Just to clarify, the increase % is based on the benchmark from official CLI plotter.

It would be more popular if you take Max’s code.
With the Max’s * New params:

  • -c, --contract arg Pool Contract Address (64 chars)

We are already plotting portable plots as we speak.

We had it working already with pool contract addresses, but discovered a bug. That derailed the original plan a little bit :slight_smile:

Not every PC can run and benefit from madmax plotter thats my understanding… and not many windows based plotters around, so we built this from scratch to help windows farmers.

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let us know when it is finished ill run some bench marks and report back


God is a good choice, considering it’s synonymous with almighty.

Or perhaps change it to “a god” if anyone in genuinely offended.

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