MCSH LLC Pool Announcement


I currently own MC Server Hosting LLC and would like to use my existing infrastructure to providing a dedicated chia pool. I personally like the concept of proof-of-space and feel as it can serve a great benefit and counter against ASIC power utilization for BTC and alternatives.

We run high-performance servers and IoT devices in Germany and Virginia, USA. As such, when the chia pool container image is announced, we will begin preparation around this. We will aim to be a donation-only pool (meaning no fee enforced) since we maintain a spare set of resources that we believe would be enough for a scalable pool. In addition, we will work on offering services such as “Plotting as a Service” using our high-performance infrastructure and batch job orchestration service. If you are interested, please join our discord at

Quick background: we consist of a small team primarily lead by myself. Our infrastructure is bare-metal with Kubernetes as our backing orchestration software. This means we would be able to optimally host a pool with existing services while maintaining updates. We originally used our spare resources to support FoldingAtHome during active times of covid. For more information about us, visit our site at

Thank you and best wishes to the Chia community.

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Weekly update:

  • We are moving to prepare for a container based chia pool server that is based on GitHub - Chia-Network/pool-reference for high availability in our existing cluster
  • We are monitoring the protocol reference between suggestions such as using Stratum and the current endpoints listed
  • We have added 1 additional node to our services that will provide stateful infrastructure support
  • We are working on a frontend page to display our interest to our site. It will be located at or
  • Preregistration is available at our authentication server as it syncs with the rest of our infrastructure. If using an existing social media account, please ensure it has an email linked to receive updates

We will try to update this thread every few days. Thank you.

Love ythe fact you guys did folding@home. I did as well with my spare capacity as an SPO.

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Weekly update:

  • We are beginning the process to test pools on test-net
  • We have completed a Kubernetes job spec and dockerfile to generate plots (you can find it on our reddit post here)
  • We have hired a freelancer to commit to site updates
  • We have adjusted our internal storage system