Mid sized farmers, replotting and pools

Because of the requirement of replotting it seems to me that plotting favors really small farmers who can replot quickly or really big one who won’t replot and just create their own pool

If you have 10s or few hundreds TB worth of data you aren’t big enough to have your own pool(at best you can join with few of your friends, but that will be a drop in a water) , yet your farm would take weeks or months to replot.

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This is why I decided to just plot with hpool.

Sure, it’s Chinese, but I don’t strike off a mining pool because it’s German or any other country.

So I won’t need to replot, because I’m already plotting with a pool.

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I will not come out from the mine pool, solo winning rate is too low, in the mine pool every day to see the income of this good!

Very interesting, would you mind writing up your experience in hpool so far in a new thread here? I bet people would be really interested to hear what it’s like.

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Agreed. @boba_and_chia, I would love to hear about your experience with hpool.


I thought hpool is frowned upon as you have to give your private keys as well, not because it is Chinese. As Chia doesn’t support pools yet.

Was that your case, did you have to give your private key? I agree with dchuk - it would be nice to share your experience and maybe earnings too from hpool just to give us some different perspective. Thanks and good luck!

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