Migrate full_node to another PC

Is it possible just copy blockchain_v1_mainnet.sqlite file without long time syncing?


The node will be synched quickly but your wallet will take time to catch up. Still much quicker than starting from scratch.

Can i just copy wallet sqlite file as well?

You can backup your wallet and then restore it if needed but even then it will have to sync the blocks created after the backup was.

You cannot download you wallet from anywhere.

Your wallet and its’ transactions are actually part of the blockchain and the only way to restore the wallet db from scratch (or the last missing blocks after restoring a backed up wallet) is for the wallet db to sync.

I believe that in order for you to make a transaction the wallet must be fully sync’d but am not 100% on this.

Warning Wallet backups made or restored while any Chia processes are running may lead to a complete fail requiring wallet db deletion and re-sync from scratch.

Therefore dbs have live backups. You can run this command:

sqlite3 blockchain_wallet_v1_mainnet_YOUR_NUMBER.sqlite ".backup 'c:\backup\wallet.sqlite'"

(include all quotes)

That backup will be sound, as long as your db was not corrupted. In my case, wallet can be backed up rather fast, but it looks like that I cannot backup the blockchain db.

However, as you pointed, trying to restore a backup while Chia is running will end up in a disaster, whatever route you take.


Make sure you stop all chia processes before backing up the databases

I think it is chia stop all from CLI. Or just close Chia app and restart computer.

After that you can just copy the blockchain and wallet DB somewhere.

Do a fresh install on your new machine.
Again, close Chia down completely. delete any newly created db files and replace with your backup.
Restart Chia, done


That’s the plan i meant. Peace! :frog:

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