Migrate to new Server

Hi, I bought a new server, first of all I recommend Hetzner for the quality, the prices (16tb of additional hardware for 32 € / m).
I would like to know from you how to migrate my farm from one Windows to another. In theory I should switch PCs. Once I have stopped everything and transferred the plots files what should I do?

I used Hetzner in the past for “normal” purposes. I’d recommend them too. Both their prices and support were great at the time.

Having that said, it still costs more than using your own storage. I’d suggest to just install the latest version on your new server and add your key. Then start plotting on the new server from scratch. This way you wouldn’t waste time to transfer all those plots. Of course, if you’re planning to discard your current farm completely then it’s a different story.

In the end, I believe all you have to do is add your key to the new server so that you can move your plots around.

This but also don’t forget to update your config files on your new machine to match the old one’s.

Is there any guidance on this? For example where do I find the configuration file?

I guess if you’ve never seen the config file, there’s not much to update. :wink:

The few things in the UI that update the config file are probably not worth it.

On Windows your config file typically lives in C:\Users\[YOURUSERNAME]\.chia\mainnet\config. I can’t find a lot of documentation around this file so I’d tread carefully. Maybe @roybot has some specific advice on what to look for in the config that might make your life easier?

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If after I install chia on the new PC, having the same directories, I copy the contents of the various folders present in% APPDATA%, would I have some problem? In the config file I see the public key but how does it work for the certificate files?

You just need the 24 word mnemonic to set up your keys on a new computer.


Just to let anyone that visits this post that Hetzner no longer allows crypto mining/farming on their servers. This page has been updated on May, 9th 2021 with new cryptocurrency mining prohibition.
I tried to explain that farming (not plotting) wasn’t degrading the servers but still they refused to allow that type of workload.
Overall I still recommend their services and have no issues with their policy which I respect.
I was able to get a refund (was within the 14 days grace period) with no issues at all.
Really professional team so please don’t abuse their services and follow the rules.