Minimum requirement for GPU to farm C9

Let’s check on k32/k33/k34 :farmer:

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1st requirement: Common sense. If you had used it, u wouldn’t need to farm it.

I was absolutely on team K33 and K34, but the recent changes seem to suggest other variables will be adjusted before the holy K32 gets the axe. I’d almost suggest it’s not worth the increase in ram requirements on the plotting side to save a little work on the farming GPU with a K34.

Also I think it was mentioned that it was farm size dependent so we’d have to set that variable to a fixed number (say 1 PiB farm or something).


yeah i hear you bro and thanks for your reply i think pretty the same way and yet i’d like to know GPU on the market which can definitelly handle farming of lets say 500Tb-1Pb farm full of C9 plots.


With the plot filter reduction plan, larger k sizes makes sense to keep disk I/O’s reasonable. Yes the first reduction makes a tiny I/O only small… but each plot filter reduction doubles the I/O’s… so the next one will make it medium and than big there after…

Years away… but something to consider…

Also each reduction also cuts in half how many C9 plots you can farm with same GPU…

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