Mintgarden and Dexie NFT Monopoly

I have an NFT collection for which I was inspired by another collection uploaded to the Opensea Market.

The characters are built entirely from scratch, of course inspired by the mentioned collection.

I can’t say if it goes against copyright because I don’t know if the authors of these pictures were the ones who invented dinosaurs on earth :slight_smile:

What intrigues me is that Mintgarden blocked through Dexie, the whole collection, marking it as a scam without even asking me to show them proof of work or to make comparison between my characters and those from whom I was inspired. In my defense I find myself having to give the example of another collection uploaded to the Chia blockchain by some “distinguished members” of this community. Because that’s how Mintgarden answered my question why they didn’t delete their collection and mine deleted it.

And I can consider myself a distinguished member of this community if I support the Chia blockchain with my farm of 1.2PiB or with the transactions made in different exchange sites in a total value of almost $15000. I don’t want to have this distinction of distinguished member, I just want fairness and everyone to be treated the same, without management.

But that’s not the problem, it’s the answer and ignorance shown by Mintgarden and Dexie. To the question about the uninhibited blockage of my collection and the comparison with the Chunks collection - Chia Punks (I apologize to them because I have to mention them as an example) that they did not block the collection because there they see a theft and a usurpation of the property because they did nothing but flip all the pictures, delete the background, uploading a background from the Chia site.

I do not find their attitude (Mintgarden and Dexie) correct and that is why I am asking for action to be taken on the monopoly they hold in this blockchain!

Maybe my collection is worth blocking, I don’t know. Their way of making it and the difference made by them between me and the Chunks - Chia Punks as well as that they are distinguished members of this community and they have not deleted the collection, it totally disappointed me.

If it’s equidistant to be for everyone. Not some to be spared and others sacrificed.

I apologize if I have expressed myself wrong, but I am not a native speaker of English!

I have nothing to add that can help, but if I stuck my head in the conference room, I bet the upper levels are freaking out about the incoming lawsuits (customers and IP holders). There were scam collections that got a lot of us on the market - we bought worthless pictures without checking the details on the transactions. Our fault for not doing the research? Probably :person_facepalming: . But the platforms absolutely weren’t cleaning up their operation. If someone is smoking crack in the movie theater you kick them out, not leave them to settle in and bring all their crack smoking buddies. I think that’s what’s happening now, and it’s going to be a lot harder for anyone to add pixel, punk, ape, etc anything without a history until the dust settles - you got hit with bad timing I think.


Do you have a link to the art? I would be curious to see some samples.