Missing Signage Point 64/64 consistently

Does signage point 64/64 exist? I’m not sure I’ve seen it, but I get 1-63 consistently. Is there some trick or issue to getting all 64 signage points? Could not completing all 64 be causing missed win opportunities?

What are “signage points” and why would we need them? Is this explained somewhere?

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Search for “Signage points and infusion points”

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Aren’t they zero-based indexed? So they go from 0 to 63 :wink:


64/64 should be there, but the log message is different.

tail -F ~/.chia/mainnet/log/debug.log | grep -i -e 'finished signage point' -e 'finished sub slot'
⏲️  Finished signage point 62/64: 48fb4254f19361d3c62f5904e19200bce5b198d153280bdc2ff56ee96203e37a 
⏲️  Finished signage point 63/64: ec432ddb5ae06bcbdc6f3263b9aadef7469e3f529af0d96a2a75c286d426cff8 
⏲️  Finished sub slot, SP 64/64, 3dc7acb8b18e24958fe14d972bbd5a5f91b004d593fb8cd457dba6c8bd9ad44a
⏲️  Finished signage point 1/64: 118c82d7ae82ad697dd1ad0cbdf7c8bee651824bd7fe3b16f3bdba73284a4fbf 
⏲️  Finished signage point 2/64: 394352e17a293ee95b8aef23c8745d388209415452d7373bc6bc172742020350

Well, if it’s 0-based indexing, then I’m missing the 0th one.

Codinghorror, the signage points are basically the different challenges, if I understand it correctly. Your log file should say something like:

021-04-28T16:52:22.413 full_node chia.full_node.full_node: INFO       Finished signage point 1/64: ff6f13f52041c74b533

So if you’re missing some, you’re missing opportunities to win. 1/64 isn’t THAT many, but 1) I want them all :slight_smile: and 2) I wasn’t sure if it was causing any other issues.

Willphule, thank you. That’s interesting. So the infusion points are basically the point 30 seconds after the signage point where the block is recorded where proofs are found? So is it possible that if I’m missing 1 of 64, it actually doesn’t let me win on two signage points: the first because of the missed point, and the second because the signage point 3-4 before (61ish) doesn’t get an infusion point?

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AHHH!! Ok, they are there! Thank you gerhard!

Edit: how can I close my thread? Or do I just let it die a slow death?

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