Missing some plots in chia gui

hi guys
forgive me if that question been ask before but I could not find anything similar.
problem I have is with plot count. currently I have 1363 plots and chia gui shows 1355, there must be something wrong with 8 plots but I have no idea how to determine which plots are those. is there any way to scan/check plots for that? im on latest chia software 1.6.2 (windows)and farming in Open chia pool.
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Is your debug.log file reporting any issues with any plots?

Also, you can edit your config.yaml file, and comment out one drive (put a hash mark # in the first position of a drive that you choose to not be scanned by Chia).

If you have, for example, 100 plots are on that drive, and your GUI then drops by only 92 plots, then you have found the drive with problematic plots.

The goal is to know how many plots you have on a drive, then comment out that drive, and see if your GUI’s number changes by that number of plots.

Make a copy of your config.yaml file before you tinker with it.
If you screw up your config.yaml file, you will be in a world of trouble. But if you have a copy, you can put it back.

Presumably, you will use notepad to edit your config.yaml file.
Make sure that after you put a # sign in the first position of a drive that you want to have Chia ignore… make sure you save the change you made to the file (such as pressing ctrl-s).

Also note that when you comment out a drive in your config.yaml file, it might take a minute or two for Chia to acknowledge that change.

Once you know which drive has plots that are being bypassed, we can move on to determining which plots are at issue, and why they are at issue.

There is also the possibility that you have more than one drive with a plot that has an issue.

There is also the possibility that you have duplicate plots. Maybe you copied the same plot to two different drives? The GUI will tell you when you have a duplicate plot – but I do not remember which tab you need to be on.

You can also use the GUI to delete a drive from the listing that Chia scans.
That might be safer, if you are not comfortable with editing the config.yaml file.

You can use the GUI to add that drive back again.

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thanks for quick reply. so I know now that 7 of those plots are on one folder on one NAS and 1 plot on second NAS. I looked at debug file but I dont know what to look for. there is some error and warnings but not that. I think that those 8 plots might be me selecting different plot NFT while creating new plots as I have 2 of those one creating by mistake but again no idea how to find them if that is the case. I check all plots in those folders and they all look ok, right size and names…

Now that you know which drives have the questionable plots, it is time to identify each one.

Open a command prompt and run:
chia plots check -g plot-whatever.plot (copy / paste the plot name).

When chia has an issue with a plot, you will see some error or warning in the output of the above command.

You might want to run the above, first selecting a plot from a drive where all of your plots are known to be good.
That will give you a look at what the output of “chia plots check -g …” is supposed to look like when checking a good plot.

Then when you run the above using each name of the plots on the drives you identified, you will come across other messages in the output, when you arrive at checking one of the bad plots.

There is a way to check all of the plots in one shot, but it will take more time to explain, and the output will be lengthy, because you will see loads of info from plot after plot. So one at a time I think is best.

Note that when you find the plots in question, you will either get warnings, errors, or the command might report that it could not find the plot. They all add up to the same thing: that you found a bad plot.

Also, the output of the above command will be wide (long lines of text). It will wrap around, and could be a bit difficult to read. So stretch your command prompt window to be very wide.

Lastly, you should change directory to the location of where you have “chia.exe” installed.

dir/b/s \chia.exe
The above will show you where chia.exe resides. Go to that directory, and run the command as I described above.

Make sure that all of your drives are added back. If you have any missing, then the above command will find none of the plots on those drives.

I was scanning all plots with:
chia plots check -n 5 -l and some plots came back with error (0 proofs) but when temporary moved that plot to other location then plot count was one less. so it was not that plot I was looking for…

The 0 proofs might be due to you using “5” as the value for the “-n” option.
The default value is 30 challenges.

Check one of your 0 proof plots (from when you used “5”), but leave off the “-n” option.

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yes that was I was thinking. but I found the “missing” plots, there was 7 .TEMP plots that some how didn’t copy to NAS in 100% so I delete them and will replace with new plots.
thanks for your hepl

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