Missing wallet balance after upgrading to 1.34

I upgraded to 1.34, everything went fine. Chia launched and I click on the keys I normally do, the the chia gui displays. and I see 0 XCH when I had over 7 before. My full node also says i am syned

Any ideas?

Is your wallet synced and not just your full node?
If not let it sync.
If so you can try deleting wallet ( not node ) db and letting it sync again.

thank you

where can i see if wallet is synced? prior to 1.34 when you went into the wallet section it showed the number of blocks needed for sync. now in 1.34 I dont see sync status for wallet, just full node

Can’t answer that, I’m not upgraded, but your screenshot shows wallet …515263, so I guess you look there and wait till that no reaches current block height.
Unless that’s your key no, but I feel not.

thank you

that number …515263, looks like the wallet I am logged into. from the blog post :

### Wallet key public fingerprint added to the wallet title ###

You can now see what wallet you’re logged into at the top of the application window.

hmm, i wonder they removed the detailed sync status for the wallet

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No idea, we kinda need it.
Good luck though.

BTW, this is a known issue. I think ever since 1.3. If you go to the issues tab on github you will see a ton of entries about this. I think a dump and resync helps but not always. Of course, you can see your real balance if you look at your wallet address in a blockchain explorer. There are some people that the GUI even shows a negative balance. So, yeh, there’s an issue.


This happened to me after I upgraded to 1.3.2. I had to shut down Chia, delete the wallet DB, then restart Chia and wait several hours for the wallet to resync. You really only need to delete the files that start with “blockchain_wallet" in that folder. Don’t delete the “wallet_peers” files.

Its called tokens now.

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The top right corner of your picture shows that you are synchronizing.