Mixing CLI and GUI help

I am using GUI to farm and run full node because it’s comfortable to view all the data this way.
But because it’s buggy and sometimes it crashes and kills plots in the middle, I am using the CLI to plot in the background.

This is my current setup: 3 computers running Windows 10, all of them are plotting and only 1 of them is farming with all the large capacity hard drives.
Once a plot finishes on 1 PC I move it to the main PC. (I have 3 weak computers, 1 plot at a time)

What I did is I created the wallet on the main PC and then installed the GUI on the other 2 PCs and used the mnemonic to connect to the full node. Then once all the 3 were synced in the GUI, I ran the CLI to start plotting using the following command:

chia plots create -k 32 -b 4000 -t /path/to/temporary/directory -d /path/to/final/directory

The problem is I just noticed in the CLI reference on GitHub that I am supposed to use -f or -p or -a keys (not sure which and when), but I never used them, yet the GUI shows farming is OK.

Is it really OK? Or because I never created a plot with either f/p/a flags, I may encounter some issues in the future?

OR, since I started the GUI FIRST on each PC with the same mnemonic, it initialized everything correctly to the same wallet and it’s OK, and I don’t have to set these flags?

Thank you!

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Yes, you only need those flags to plot for another key than the one used on that computer


Thank you! Is there a way to be sure of that?
Where are the data files located on Windows 10? The files that shows the initialization?

What happens for example if I run a plot in the CLI then copy it to another PC and it’s not correct, maybe initialized to the wrong wallet? What am I expected to see? I don’t want to test it because it takes me more than 15 hours per plot lol… and I can’t run in parallel, yep I have very old hardware

If you have imported the same mnemonic phrase on the plot PC than you are good. On the farmer PC you can run the following commands:

chia plots check

Note the “Pool public key” and “Farmer public key” for the plots.

Then run:

chia keys show

and note the output of the the “Pool public key” and “Farmer public key”. They should be the same as the ones shown for the plot files. Since you are farming fine they are the same, but in case you want to do an extra check you can run the above commands.

I am not sure what will happen if you add a plot with different keys, but it should not work and an some ERROR will be displayed in the log file.

The data is stored under %userprofile%/.chia.

Note that your master private key (the one derived from the magic words) is not stored there. It is stored in the windows credentials manager. You can remove the keys when you are done with the plot PC with the command chia keys delete_all" or from the credentials manager itself.

In fact you can remove the keys now and plotting will still work as excepted without the f/p switches as the config file is all set correctly. Still, I am not completely sure about the last one, so unless you have many chia coins, just keep it simple and remove the keys once done with the plot PCs.


Thank you! Looks like it ok

This is super useful, I’m saving this