MMX farming requirements

1- What is the official required CPU and RAM to farm MMX?
Chia allows a Raspberry pi 4 and requires 4 GB of RAM.

2- For farming does a better CPU matter?

3- For farming does a better GPU matter?

Some clues in here, but not the answer :frowning:

“OpenCL is an optional implementation to take some load off of the CPU when running a full node. OpenCL is used for verifying the Verifiable Delay Function (VDF) that is associated with each block. The full node can be run entirely without any GPU acceleration, but in most cases, using a GPU will be faster and more power efficient.”

My experience is that running MMX without GPU/OpenCL acceleration is pretty cpu intensive. I had a 4-core E3-1245 v3 at 3.4GHz at near 100% all the time.
With a intel iGPU from Gemini Lake processors and above, you can get by with 2 cores at 1.5 GHz.
A Geforce GT730 is miniumum with Nvidia.
No chance with a raspberry Pi.

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It’s unclear. Perhaps wait until mainnet release.

With that much power consuming, I guess MMX price may be high too:)
Coin price will never go below mining cost. It’s the law.

My Intel NUC Gemini Lake NUC7PJYH2 with a Pentium J5005 uses something like 10-16W running a Chia full node and a MMX node at the same time… Disks are on remote harvesters of course.

With the integrated iGPU doing the VDF verification the CPU load for MMX is pretty modest if you disable the timelord process. Compiling MMX is very CPU intensive but this is not meant to happen a lot after mainnet launch and there will probably be pre-compiled installer versions.

For those interested checkout the discord channel:
This forum is supposed to be about Chia imho;-)

What is MMX? Another coin? Fork?

MMX is a blockchain written from scratch using Chia’s Proof Of Space and a SHA256 VDF similar to Solana. Written by MadMax from the well known Chia plotter.

It’s main features are as follows:

High performance (1000 transactions per second or more)
Variable supply (block reward scales with netspace, but also is capped by TX fees)
Consistent block times (every 10 seconds a block is created)
Native token support (swaps are possible with standard transactions)
Energy saving Proof of Space (same as Chia)
Standard ECDSA signatures for seamless integration (same as Bitcoin)

Further info on
and the Discord channel as above;-)


This CPU specially developed for MMX farm.

Intel® Pentium® Processor 233 MMX


After some thought about mmx here are my ideas as to why it wouldn’t be successful.

In chia, proofs are preconstructed. (Plot files). Therefore, there is no need for instant high processing power. (as in POW). In the chia network, farmers do not compete. timelords are competing. For farmers there is randomness. There is no need for high processing power. Chia is the most decentralized. Chia is the safest. This is the future of the blockchain. Until there is a blockchain that processes transactions as fast as Visa, the newest technology blockchain is chia.

Adding a GPU to the system is crap.

Madmax, you’re on the wrong way.

Why even bother with a chain?
Seem to cause so many problems, chain bloat, size limitations and so on.

Can you please explain this statement? Why are they competing, is there a reward for running blueboxes?
I’m asking because I do not know about any reward.

Well Madmax wants to be able to process transactions a lot faster than Chia :slight_smile:

I do not agree. From my understanding, and I can be wrong, the GPU is for the VDF. So as long as it runs fine in a 25 watt CPU with iGPU, from my point of view, that is not so bad at all.

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Can you please explain/elaborate a little more? What are the problems with Maxmax chain, although it is still being developed?

A little bit more information regarding the VDF performance and power used:

I was referring to any blockchain…
I listed two problems, chain bloat is a big one, look at eth, so much younger than btc but the chain is huge in size by comparison, look at chia, hard to keep synced for many, and then the resync after corruption is a pita.

I fail to see why a cryoto needs a distributed ledger, and think personally a chainless crypto will be the future, but that’s just me.

Bunları izlemelisiniz. Yeterince açıklıyor.

Actually, timelords compete. No payment for run blueboxs or timelords. Timelords are superfast machines and racing because that’s the chia mechanism.

I might have had one of those :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: