Moderation is absent

I think everyone here in this thread are proving we don’t need moderation. We can work things out in a respectful way. Shake hands after the dust up. Isn’t that what I’m seeing here.

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That’s not really my experience. Have you muted some people perhaps ?

I was just being sarcastic.

That’s not the point.

He knows how to write proper English, and he knows how to write “good” posts as he did it before several times. However, recently he went completely the other side, and started to write garbage all over the forum. I really don’t give rat’s ass what he writes at this point and will be taking down all his posts until he is banned again or leaves this forum or @dchuk steps in to control this nonsense and do his part of the job.

I do agree that non Chia should be off of here. It’s confusing for any newcomers. Either that and should be pushed off onto something completely different so it’s not misunderstood. That’s more of a housekeeping issue. Somebody owns the forum, they can run it however they want. I accept that. Max is highly respected so I also understand that part of it. He deserves to get some publicity for whatever he’s working on. I just think that there’s some real confusion to anybody coming here. Trying to figure out what’s what.

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This topic is temporarily closed for at least 4 hours due to a large number of community flags.

Folks, not sure why I have to say this so frequently: chill out. This is a forum to discuss an interesting project. No reason to fight, no reason for personal attacks.


This topic was automatically opened after 4 hours.

You are joking, aren’t you? Maybe because you are not doing your job as a moderator?

I guess, what you ask for is well understood by vast majority of members. However, as it is right now, your calls for kumbaya don’t work. So I am not sure what is your goal to bring it up again without acting on it.

You are the only moderator, so act like one, or dedicate that job to others that can help you doing that.

The question is what are you doing to make sure that it is like you advertise, instead of letting few trolls to repeatedly vandalize this forum.

“Are you gonna do something? Or just stand there and bleed?”

Why you so serious bro?

This forum is going to die very soon if @dchuk doesn’t do something. Here is the message from Discord :

Link to the message :


Whelp I would call that nugget kind of juicy.

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I’m just going to start temp banning people who can’t seem to keep their cool. Please guys, just enjoy yourself, it’s a free forum for an interesting project.


Some people enjoy themselves ruining it for everyone else… Please do something to enforce a better culture on this forum.

Just a question, which country are you in, I’m in South FL USA?

a free forum full of millionairs :face_with_monocle:

it is that poor guy with mushi

As anticipated, the scams are starting to come on this forum :

@dchuk you have to do something urgently.

The more you feed the fire, the more problems will last, these folks just created their logins a couple of days ago and will fade away, but not if you keep feeding them.

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