More plots on NAS = slower check time?

This might be an incredible noob question but is there an inverse relation between the number of plots on a NAS and the checking time for proofs? I’ve been seen that my response time has been steadily getting slower as I add more and more plots.
Is there a way to remedy this?
Can I start multiple harvester processes on the same machine? Would that even help?

Admittedly my farm is still tiny at 65 plots, but so far I have not seen any adverse effects with responses below 0.5 sec.

People reported successfully farming on raspberry pi handle petabytes of storage. And there is no known reason to slow down farming process on plot count increasing.

Try to run chia plots check and measure time spent on checking single plot. On my system it’s around 10-20 sec.

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yes, I have 100T on NAS server which make the check time sometimes over 5 seconds, strongly not suggest using NAS. Not know how to fix this issue other than re-plotting into individual disk in the future when official pool come out~~~

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