Move a plot to a specific pool?

Is it possible to move specific plots from one pool to another pool?

I was hoping we could just change the pool of a plot through the GUI or through the CLI but I can only see the “chia plotnft join” command which I haven’t tried but seems to change it all?

You can move the nft between pools. All plots made using that nft move with it.

Okay, so when creating plots with the “-c” parameter, everything that had the same parameter will move? So we can be in multiple pools with their own unique plots but all plots that were created with the same parameter will effectively always be grouped and move together?

My understanding is that is correct. I haven’t actually tried it - just have the one NFT for all of my plots.

You would need to create a new NFT for each different set of plots that you wanted to have.

Thanks, will try creating a second set of plots with a different contract and then see if I can move them.