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Firstly, in the GUI, under Settings > Profiles - What is a Profile. (I’ve created one)
Secondly on one of my NFTs (also in the Wallet) i can Move to Profile. - What does that do?

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I assumed it was better suited to business settings and organizing - merch table, virtual art gallery, etc… It may also have ties to the DID stuff they’ve been chatting about (my eyes glazed over at that point, sorry). I’m talking out of my rear though - maybe someone with a better handle on it will chime in.

The naming is unfortunately a little confusing.
A “Profile” corresponds to a DID (Digital Identity) wallet.
Creating a Profile in the gui is exactly the same as creating a did wallet in the cli.

This Profile is then tied to your normal wallet and can be named in the client. (be aware the naming is only on your client for your convenience so if you move to another computer / reset chia, your namings are gone.)

Then, there is a NFT wallet which is tied to your digital identity wallet.

So after all, when you move an nft to another profile, you move it to another nft wallet which is attached to your primary wallet.
As mentioned before, this can be used for sorting and collections.

As a creator, the digital identity wallet is meaningful to proof that you are you


as im in the process of minting my first NFTs, I can now tell more about the digital identity:
The digital identity can be validated / claimed, for example with a webpage referring to it.

Plattforms such as MintGarden use that info to show creators information of that NFT and proof it.
So if you look at the following link, you will find Kryptomine_CH as creator of that nft rather than a random xch address:


Additionally, I can use them within my wallet in order to organize myself:
where offerings represents the wallet where all nfts on offer are, vs where all new nfts go.

You can then claim these identities as well in order to look up / share that collection like a set, rather than all nfts of this collection:

sad :smiley: those are little overseen details but its amazin of what it does I think

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