Move plot files to different pool

Hi all,

I was wondering if is possible to move a specific number of plots, lets said 20, that are assigned to one pool to another pool.

Thanks in advance!

No. Every plot on one NFT will move together.

You could create 20 plots on a new NFT and use them in a different pool but do not make a habit out of this as you create a new wallet every time you do so.

AGAIN! Do not do this repeatedly!

If you create too many NFTs and wallets Chia will start to grind and after 19 NFT wallets and your main wallet the GUI will not even address any more wallets. In addition, parking multiple NFTs into one pool can be a problem if you ever decided to do so.

Thanks for the responses, I was expecting that the devs from chia a tool for reassign directly plot files to other pools, in general the only parameter that varies on the plot creation is the -c. Thanks again for the responses